Now accepting submissions! WRITERS, PHOTOGRAPHERS & MODELS:

For high quality and featured articles we PAY $50 per unpublished article or photo set. We may select up to 5 of these per issue right now and more as our magazine grows. If you would like your work to only be considered as a paid submission, please let us know. We receive a ton of truly inspiring and quality submissions but can only choose so many. Please do not be offended if you do not receive a paid offer the first time, we want to offer as many of you as possible the opportunity to be involved with this project. We are truly creating a new kind of magazine. We also offer several additional spots to writers and photographers who may want to see their work published and receive written acknowledgment of credit to all responsible parties and a free hard copy of the magazine in exchange for one time use rights. Email

We will notify all selected submissions within 10 days of the submission deadline and pay within 10 calendar days, prior to the issue release.

Release Date/Submission & Advertising Due Date:
**Currently on HIATUS***

December 6th *HOLIDAY ISSUE* (November 25th) ISSUE 10



We are accepting submissions from writers on the following topics:

  • Controversial Topics
  • #selfexpressionrevolution (dealing with equality for alt styles, all sizes, all ages, all genders, gender identities, all sexual orientations, all ages and disabilities)
  • Music if it Aligns with Topics and Style
  • Prostitution and Stripping
  • Sex Empowered Women
  • Bad Ass Females
  • Hardcore Business People
  • Punk Rock
  • Interesting Travel
  • Personal Essays on Hard Topics
  • How to Figure out Who you are and Get What you Want out of Life

We pay writers $50 per selected article, you may submit an unlimited number of unpublished articles at a time. To submit, email

We buy : First North American Serial Rights (FNASR)The right to be the first publisher of your work one time in North America. Selling first North American serial rights allows you to sell first serial rights to the same work in places other than North America. (Your work will only be accepted if it is previously unpublished anywhere, including on social media until after the issue is released.)

We are also hiring a limited number of correspondent writers for ongoing columns. This is not a full time position, but rather an ongoing monthly writing assignment. To apply, submit cover letter, writing sample and resume to  If your information fits the criteria we are looking for, we will contact you to set up an interview. Feel free to apply to be a correspondent along with submitting an article for publication consideration. Preference for correspondent positions will be given to those who have previously been published in the magazine.

Photographers and Models:

We are looking for photo series to use for editorials and full page spreads. We are looking for alternative Fashion, alternative Styles, all sizes, ages,  and genders to be featured in images. Photographers need model releases from all subjects to submit. Models need express written permission from the photographer to submit images. All credits need to be included (makeup, hair, photographer, model etc. ) and all credits will be published with the image in the magazine. We pay $50 per selected photo series. You may submit an unlimited number of unpublished images at a time (Your work will only be considered if it is previously unpublished anywhere, including on social media until after the issue is released.). To submit, email


Crazy bitch stories: Do you have a crazy 100 words or less story to tell us about crazy bitches? Message us on Facebook at If we select your story, you can remain anonymous or we can link back to your social media page of choice. You can also tweet us @crazybitchmag!

Affiliate program: We have unique opportunities for you to get your products featured in our magazine. Email us at for more information.

Referral program: We pay a flat 50% of the advertising price as a commission for referring an advertiser to us. We also pay 10% of submission rates if you refer images to us for a 3rd party who is accepted. For more information, email us at

Nominate someone for a feature:

We are looking for movers and shakers and booty shakers. One each of the following per issue, involves a Q&A and short featured spread. Email nominations to

  • Featured model
  • Featured band
  • Featured brand
  • Featured leader

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