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Announcing: Crazy Bitch Magazine! We get called crazy because of our ambition, and we get called bitches because of our passion. That’s okay, we embrace the name because we believe in empowerment through self expression. Crazy Bitch Magazine is a voice for underrepresented individuals and ideas.

The future of magazines is here, lifestyle, expertly branded and curated content available any time & anywhere. Magazines of the future are the perfect blend of co-promotion, relevant content and collaboration melded into delight for businesses and readers combined.

“When all you have known to be real is stripped away- only than are you free to dream without preconceived notions About who or what Should be in your life to be happy. Any woman who has had to fight a battle & won is probably a crazy bitch… Perhaps she EARNED the title? ” -Kelsey Roberts, model, disability advocate, domestic abuse survivor & contributing writer for CRAZY BITCH MAGAZINE

Do you remember being a teenager, feverishly reading through fashion magazines while painting your toenails and dancing around to pop music? Well, we may have grown up but fashion magazines certainly haven’t. There are only so many times that we can read about someone’s embarrassing stories from college and suffer through the same fashion tips and the same boring life advice. What if our lives aren’t average or boring? What if we are go-getters, entrepreneurs, or artists? What if we want advice on how to be those things from others who have been there? What if we are aligned with the alternative? Where are the new articles about navigating the modern era as an alternative parent raising alternative kids? What if we like tattoos and piercings and a wide variety of music, but other alt magazines just don’t have enough content that pertains to our daily lives? Alternative magazines are lovely but they can be heavily focused on photo shoots and the extreme of style and not much else. Tattoo magazines are lovely, but often focus on photo shoots, style and industry information for tattoo artists and enthusiasts exclusively. Music magazines provide insight on the industry and give us a glimpse inside the lives of our favorite musicians, but they don’t offer much that applies to our daily lives. Business and Entrepreneur magazines are filled to the brim with excellent advice, but for un-standard or un-tech fields it can feel very un-relatable. What if we want honest stories about sexual freedom or legalizing prostitution? Or the normalization of controversial trades that provide financial freedom and fun for many who choose to employ themselves in such, like porn stars or strippers? Sometimes we just need another voice, especially from a media standpoint, telling us it’s okay to be who we are and to express ourselves the way we choose. Crazy Bitch Magazine fills these needs and completes those missing links in the magazine industry. We bring you stories about family, career, business, music, fetishes, suspension, body-modification and beauty in all its forms with integrity and honest information, minus the stigma and sensationalism so often attached to those subjects. Be whoever you are. Be your crazy self. Because, whoever you are, we can relate to you. Because we’re crazy too.

We support the #selfexpressionrevolution.  People of all ages, sizes, races, styles, genders, gender identities and sexual orientations, regardless of disability should be treated with respect and none of these things should be a barrier to going after the life you want. We must be crazy to think this way, right? It’s 2015 and somehow we as a society haven’t figured this out yet. The term hysteria comes from the Greek word hysterika, meaning Uterus. In ancient Greece it was believed that a wandering and discontented Uterus was blamed for that dreaded female ailment of excessive emotion, hysteria. The disease’s symptoms were believed to be dictated by where in the body the offending organ roamed. It was not religious belief but a social belief. Aristotle used this theory of “hysteria” for proof as to why women shouldn’t be educated or allowed to partake in politics. Sometimes society takes a while to catch up. Until then, #selfexpressionrevolution Be who you are. Do what you want.

Crazy Bitches are strong, out of the box, independent, entrepreneurial, and controversial individuals with ambition and attitude.

Crazy Bitch magazine will be available for free in IBOOKs format and downloadable PDF format as well as available in the Kindle Store. A Limited Edition Print on Demand version will also be available of each issue. 


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